Annie: What was life like as a freshman in high school?


Think Piece: What was life like as a freshman in high school?

Leaving Middle School
As an eighth grader, I had heard so much about freshman year and I did not know what was true or not. I had heard that it was extremely difficult and stressful, but also really a lot of fun. As a sophomore now, I have to say that it was definitely an adjustment. However, it has been one of the best years of my life so far.

Social Atmosphere
Socially, it was a big shocker. The same group of friends I had in middle school was split up and that absolutely terrified me. In all of my classes there was only about three or so people that I had known from Scullen. There were so many new kids from different middle schools, and walking down the hallways, where I used to know every face, I barley knew any. That was really scary at first, but it was a really great opportunity to just branch out and make friends who I had not known before. Majority of my really good friends today I did not know in middle school, which surprised me. I have learned that some people may look unapproachable, but all you have to do is say a simple hello and you never know where that may lead.

I decided to take, what I now realize was one too many, three honors classes my freshman year. And when they say that those classes are more self-taught, they really mean it. There is a lot more responsibility on you to study and do many assignments each night depending on the class. My advice is to not take on more than you can chew. However, if you study and are on top of your work, the class work is really not that bad.

Freshman year is an adjustment period. You may feel like you are alone or awkward or different, but everyone feels that way.  You are not alone in being scared or being worried, everyone is trying to figure themselves out. And if you think that everyone is focusing on you, they aren’t. They are too worried about themselves because they are thinking that same thing.

Final Thoughts
Finally, I really had a lot of fun. My advice would be to focus on your schoolwork of course, but what I discovered was that freshman year is really is a new chapter in your life and you have got to make time for fun. Go to all the football games, go to homecoming, learn the school song, join a club or sport even if it just mildly interests you, and do not let anyone tell you that you can’t do anything just because you are a “freshman.” I am glad that I branched out freshman year, and I advise every ninth grader to do the same, even the quiet kids like me. The year will be over before you know it.

~ Annie Wells, middle school class of 2013, high school class of 2017
Twitter: @AnnieKate28

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