Darius: What are you planning on doing after high school?


Think Piece: What are you planning on doing after high school? 

Leaving High School
Although completing my years at Scullen seemed to take forever, I knew that there was still a long stretch of life ahead of me. Next thing I knew, I was graduating from Waubonsie Valley High School, and was heading off to college. What I hadn’t thought about, however, was the multitude of decisions that I, personally, would have to make each step of the way.

The ending of high school/beginning of college is a unique time. I have always found it odd that even though I am not 100% sure on my choice of career path, I am paying thousands of dollars and working extremely hard every day to get closer to it. Currently, however, as a freshman at University of Illinois at Chicago, I have a pretty good idea of what I would like to accomplish.

Thanks to my performance throughout high school, I have earned guaranteed admission to the University of Illinois College of Medicine directly after my undergraduate years through a selective program. Fortunately, I still have time to decide whether or not I would like to practice medicine, and I am confident that I will pursue a suitable career either way.

My interest in medicine stems from my interest in learning. Through countless hours of studying for courses in school, I have realized that gaining knowledge, understanding natural phenomena, and solving problems is exactly what I have enjoyed to do and hope to continue doing for the rest of my life. Coincidentally, the field of medicine is constantly changing as our society makes advances through research: an activity in which I will most certainly be involved in the near future. However, learning in medicine is not limited to research; if I decide to practice family medicine, I will learn about my patients’ symptoms and overall lives. Similarly, if I decide to pursue neurosurgery, there will always be new surgical techniques or technology to become familiar with.

Final Thoughts
I have been told that it is fortunate that I enjoy school and learning, because the path to becoming a medical professional is quite a long one. After I complete (presumably) four years at the undergraduate level, I will attend four years of medical school, and three-to-seven years afterwards in the residency of my choice. At each step of the way, I will make numerous decisions, such as where to attend school, what to study, and what field to specialize in.

No matter what I ultimately choose to do with my life, I hope to make significant contributions to the scientific/medical community through research, providing help to patients, or (preferably) some combination of both.

~ Darius Ansari, middle school class of 2010, high school class of 2014
Twitter: @DifferentialEqs

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