Kelli: What are you planning on doing after high school?


Think Piece: What are you planning on doing after high school? 

Leaving High School
As I start the second and final semester of my high school career, what I once thought was my future has become my present. College applications and acceptance letters became real and tangible– my options were wide open. My newfound present began to form in front of me with a little help from a strong foundation, influential people and some struggles I encountered during high school.

In 8th grade at Scullen Middle School I had to do a career speech for language arts. At that point in time, I had planned on being a veterinarian and majoring in biology at a various number of schools– none of which I applied to this past fall. Plans change all the time.

The summer after my sophomore year at Waubonsie Valley my family had to relocate to Louisville, Kentucky. I made the decision to quit band in order to take AP Psychology for the entire duration of my junior year. I was the only junior in my class of seniors and quickly took a liking to the mystery of the human mind. My teacher, Mr. Grimm was passionate about the subject and instilled a love for the subject in me through his teaching.

After struggling with chronic migraines for a long time I visited Cincinnati Children’s Neurology department and met with a clinical psychologist who gave me my sense of hope back after feeling sick for over six months straight. I instantly decided that this was the job for me. I hope to make a difference in the lives of children who are sick or struggling to be healthy like I was during that time.

After summer came to a close, I started applying to colleges my senior year and was accepted to all of the schools I applied to! It’s a great feeling to see all of your hard work and mild procrastination pay off. I am in no way a straight A student with a perfect GPA or a 36 on the ACT. I took advantage of honors and AP classes and involved myself in various extra curriculars in order to be considered a competitive applicant. The process of college applications is only dreadful if you make it to be. My advice is to narrow down your list, start visiting campuses, do your research and do not procrastinate.

Final Thoughts
At this point in time, I have my choices narrowed down to two schools– University of Missouri in Columbia, MO and James Madison University in Harrisonburg, VA. Both are over 6 hours away from home, which is frightening to think about at times. Thanks to the excellent and influential educators, struggles, and victories I have encountered, I know I am prepared for whatever comes at me in the next chapter of my life!

Enjoy your high school years wherever you are because they truly do fly by in a blink! And Go Sharks!

~ Kelli Wilson, middle school class of 2011, high school class of 2015
Twitter: @DefinitelyKelli