No Rest for the Weary: Pump the Brakes

bugs bunny Lew Downs
I’ve always thought of the phrase, “… no rest for the weary” as a suggestion rather than a statement. Perhaps in doing so, I’ve found it easier to make it through those moments when all I’ve wanted to do was stop.

There are plenty of times when we simply want to give up in life… your love life is crumbling like the gingerbread house of a six year old who apparently has zero knowledge in basic building construction… your job is doing its best Dyson Vacuum impersonation on your soul… when you’re wondering if your sweat has turned into kerosene and your body hair into flint mid-workout because the lactic acid coursing through your veins actually feels like fire.

The majority of us have been brought up in a way that demands that we simply bury our head and trudge forward. We are taught that the minute we rest is when a thousand other people surpass us because they refused to be a quitter like we have. When our relationships start declining, we are brought to believe we should simply stick them out and work on their improvement.

And sometimes that’s the case, but often times, it’s simply not.

Sometimes you have to quit, sometimes you have to realize you just aren’t good enough, sometimes, you’ve gotta fucking rest.

I’ve grown to believe that in order to improve yourself, whether it be as an athlete, a friend, a lover, what have you, you have to be constantly evolving. And in order to evolve, you sometimes have to stop and simply reflect. Maybe evolving means quitting your well-paying job and taking a chance on a project you’ve been secretly working on your entire life. Maybe evolving means leaving the person you’ve grown away from so you can find happiness in your self again. Maybe the weary are completely capable of resting knowing they’re doing what they love and that all the pain and suffering is worth it… and even somewhat enjoyable?

Every day I try to think of how I can become a better son, a better brother, a better athlete, a better fire fighter, and most importantly, a better human being. From the minute I wake up to the minute I finally close my eyes, I am working in some way, shape or form. But I’m not afraid to stop and analyze. I have quit well-paying jobs before because I simply wasn’t happy when I was there. I have left relationships of both the platonic and romantic kind and never made contact with those people again because I was tired of their toxic nature, because I simply couldn’t stand having emotional leeches around me.

Our greatest asset may also be our greatest downfall… that we simply try to keep going.

The Human Energizer Bunny attitude is not necessarily a bad thing, as long as we can turn it off. Because eventually batteries slow down, and eventually they die.

Knowing when and how to allot your energy is key… just as knowing when to rest in order to live and fight another day is.