Everything in Moderation: Life at 26

  Lew Downs

I want to fade away with the night sky, to be a firework that lights up the atmosphere even for just a split second… only to be gone in a flash, but enjoyed while it was around.

I want to see what a little kid is smiling with huge eyes about… and I want it to make me smile that way too.

I want to be stopped dead in my tracks when I realize how much I’m just like my mother, and I want her to freeze in place, teary-eyed when she sees so much of herself in me.

I want to fall asleep in somebody’s arms in public and for them to know that they, likewise, can find solace in mine.

I want to cry because I didn’t get what I wanted… but be forced to smile because I had it in my hands, even if just for a moment because at one point, I didn’t even think I had a chance.

I want to live life in a way in which I’m never wanting to die, but am completely ready to go… for accepting death is the only way I can truly embrace life.

I want to do some outrageous thing on a daily basis for the person I love that makes them think I have something mentally wrong with me, yet reminds them of why they love me so much.

I want to learn to talk about my dark times and memories that hurt with grace. To not only know they’ve made me grow into a better person, but to make others realize that their pain can make them stronger too.

I want to surround myself with rocks. People who, when the times get tough, remain solid. Because times will often be tough, and those who see you through it are those you can always lean on.

I want it to be known that I only have a handful of dance moves, and they’re all terrible. But when I whip them out… the cell phones had better start recording.

I want to hear all of the stories your eyes have in them and I want you to want to hear mine.

I want to stop suffering needlessly and to truly open my eyes… I want to be conscious of the fact that the bad things that happen to us are rarely the things that we’re worried about as are the good things rarely the ones we are anticipating.

I want my conversations with folks to be comparable to a woman’s mini-skirt: long enough to cover the essentials but short enough to keep their attention.

I want to fall asleep when I’m an old man and know that the woman in bed next to me is the character in my Disney love story that I still can’t take my eyes off of.

I want to understand the conditions of mankind… even if that means others may think I’m sympathizing with the bad or evil.

I want to respect those who don’t have the same beliefs in me… and to tip my hat to those who are willing to bear the burdens of others even if we don’t see eye to eye.

I want to remember that unless my problem is a very angry, very hungry T-Rex… running away from my problems will never solve anything.

I want to remember to buy a woman flowers not because it’s a special occasion, but because of the smile it will put on her face, because every moment she is with you is special.

I want to constantly remind myself of just how small I am in this world, but just how big the everyday decisions I make can be.

I want fame and fortune to never cloud my judgement… to remember how bad others have it, to be grateful for everything I have even when it doesn’t seem like enough.

I want to get yelled at for “acting like a child” and hope that person someday realizes that we should all allow ourselves to act more childish than we do.

I want to remember that what I see as fun will not always make me happy… that if I’m only true to my short-term self, my long-term self will slowly but surely decay.

I want to go without seeing someone for years and know that when someone asks them about me or mentions my name, that it still brings a smile to their face and a warmth to their heart.

I want to remember to bloom wherever I am planted.

I want nothing in my life to be taken in moderation… not a single goddamn thing.


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