Starting from Scratch: The Wonder of a New Day


10171656_10205334343507814_5497377102183911726_n Kelsey Schuttie
Watching my almost toddler play outside this morning and being entirely too energetic and excited for 7am, I started thinking about how she views the world (and the morning), in comparison to how I view it.

She wakes up laughing (much earlier than my son ever did) and calling out for one of us to come in and get her out of bed. She giggles and plays while she eats her breakfast and watches a cartoon while we get ourselves ready for the day.

Then it’s outside time! She could spend HOURS outside playing, searching, exploring. And no matter how many times she has gone down the slide or bounced on the trampoline, every day is a new adventure, with something exciting waiting just around the next corner, or under the next rock.

She starts every day from scratch, and is exceedingly, euphorically happy to enjoy life and all of its wonder. She awaits adventure and what each new day may bring. She is open to all of life’s possibility.

I’m taking a cue from my daughter and attempting to approach each morning, each new day, as an endless possibility. I may not wake up giggling, but I can choose to start my day with a positive outlook and general good attitude.

A friend once told me, “You don’t have to practice agony; life teaches you that on its own.”

So why not start out every day with the intent to enjoy life?

Enjoy every stinking moment, because there will be bad times. Times when it seems impossible to see the good, the positive, and the wonder. Start every day from scratch and see where it takes you.


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