Method to the Madness: k@os…||||_____——-

Emmitt 1  Emmitt Dei Richards
The air is chilly, hmmm maybe I should make some chili tonight. I will look up a recipe. Now I need ingredients. This recipe calls for ground beef but I think I want some  lamb instead. I wonder whats on I haven’t seen reviews on music for a while. Oh shit, Meshuggah came out with a new album? Let me check that out. This album rips. They are from Sweden; I wonder how they make their chili there? Let me take a look.

One hour later….. I have the list I need to make chili. Leave house drive past grocery store, accidentally headed half way to work, since I’m halfway here, I guess I will get gas and shop for other things I forgot the other day. Go to original store, buys ingredients, looks up beer reviews to see what goes best with chili.

One hour later….. finds best beer. Gets home, turns on T.V.

One hour later….. starts cooking.

• • •

It seems you have all different sorts of thinkers, learners and movers out there. Some folks like chaos, some people like it simple, some enjoy controlling every little detail. I enjoy chaos in a positive way. I love nuances of things, but they don’t need to be perfect all the time unless i’m really passionate about it.

When I’m thinking about stuff, I pace around. When I get bored, I keep my mind busy playing air instruments or doing experiments. I would consider myself a nonlinear thinker. I hate patterns. Pictures like the one above allow you to look at it hundreds of times and find something different about it.

I typically like my music the same way as well. Others may find it overwhelming, but I find it is where I am at home.

Now close your eyes and listen to this. ALLLLLL OF IT!!!

Find your madness and make it work for you. Everyone has a different method.


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