Method to the Madness: Love

sun moon

IMG_4171  Michaela Ortega
One of my favorite things has always been when the moon and the sun are out at the same time. It’s like they’re getting to spend special time together and during those times, I’ve always felt like the universe is at peace.

This tends to happen in the morning when the moon is still hanging out before the earth fully rotates toward the sun. Then the moon moves away to shine on another part of the earth and lets the sun take over.

It’s incredible how they work together in harmony, to let us live and thrive. Day in and day out, the moon around the earth and the earth around the sun, without fail. Not many things we can guarantee, but this, we know, which is amazing because the sun and moon aren’t even close to us. They’re millions of miles away and we know comparatively very little about them, yet they are components of our everyday life that we can always count on. How ironic.

I feel like the relationship between the sun and the moon showcases what a beautiful relationship looks like between two people – romantic or platonic. One where you just have each other’s back no matter what. Like really, no matter what.

I think so often now, we don’t respect each other’s life journey. What I mean is everyone is at a different spot in their life, a high, a low, a new experience, a time of reflection, a desperate time, a fulfilling time. Everyone goes through these changing times, but now, it seems if a person does something that another person doesn’t like, they question the purpose or basis of that relationship and/or leave it. As if all they’re worried about is themselves and their happiness, their journey and no one else’s. This isn’t love. This isn’t a friend. Love has no conditions. Love takes the person for exactly everything that they are and everything that they’re not. It doesn’t pick out the good parts and love only those things. It loves wholly. It forgives and respects and supports without conditions.

Just as the sun and moon come together in joyous harmony and part ways each day to let the other live, so too does love. We are here to support each other through all the changing times life brings us. Not run when someone makes a mistake or does something we don’t like. Love stays and understands and holds out a hand to pick the other person back up.

We all have a little madness and what makes us tick. And we all make mistakes. But the special thing is we have each other to enjoy this life, so choose to be there for your friend, your partner. Choose to be on their team no matter what, and day in and day out you will have a love like the universe– one you can always count on.


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