The Moment of Truth: Be Who You Were Meant to Be

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10171656_10205334343507814_5497377102183911726_n Kelsey Schuttie
We experience many moments in our lifetime; moments that are forever burned in to our mind’s eye. You can remember everything about those moments… the way the air felt, the smells that surrounded you, the fact that you were wearing a purple shirt on a Wednesday.

Think about those moments. I bet you can remember more than a few.

That time your older brother told you Santa Claus wasn’t real.

Your first kiss.

Your first heartbreak.

When you fell in love.

Sunday dinners at your grandma’s house.

Learning to make a cherry pie.

Losing someone you loved.

Seeing your children for the first time.

In all of these moments, there will be three or four that define your life; these are your moments of truth. In those moments, you will set yourself down a path that you were meant for, even if it doesn’t feel like it in the beginning.

Take in those moments. Breath deep. Clear you mind. Step forward.

Let those moments turn you in to who you were meant to be.


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