Share Your Story

The Last/Next Time
Teaching blog shorts to get you thinking.

The Last Time
When was the last time you shared a personal story while teaching?
Reflect on the past few weeks of the school year. When did you last offer a quick personal story? Do you have a built-in narrative for specific lessons that you love to share? Does it still offer the insight you want to get across to students?

The Next Time
Take advantage of the next time you can share a memorable anecdote.
Be willing to offer a quick, funny story when the time is right. Students love to hear about their teacher, especially if you poke fun of yourself. However, not all stories need a humorous punchline. They just need to be relevant to the lesson. And be careful not to take away from the students’ educational experience. Tell the story, but get to the point— you’re there to help students apply content and skills to their own lives.

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