Class Curriculum

Like any Health teacher, I have the somewhat daunting task of teaching the youth of today about the ever-expanding list of life's topics. This includes, well, everything.

From physical health to mental health to social health, lessons need to include all of life's ups and downs. The good, the bad, and the ugly.

6th Grade Health introduces the tough, yet fun, discussion of oneself with a broad view of health and wellness. This includes healthy and potentially unhealthy choices in life. Details here.

7th Grade Health carries discussions into a larger view of one's place in the world, particularly the physical choices, the mental difficulties, and the social impact of interacting with others in all types of relationships. Details here.

8th Grade Health rounds up the middle school experience with challenging topics and in-depth discussions about the growing difficulties of life. Philosophy and higher level thinking sharpen the awareness of howto learn, not just what to learn. Details here.