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me in blue  Shannon Cerny
Shannon is a creator, a change agent, and a sister. She believes everyone has the exact life they choose– and she chooses awesome.

10403495_10101883145503419_5631648595241511559_n  Britt Crowe
Britt is a designer, a photographer, and a wife. She identifies as a small bull in the various china shops of life.

10863678_478555752286139_304976083_n  Lew Downs
Lew is a firefighter, an athlete, and a son. He is ready to defend those who are unable to defend themselves.

stephanie  Stephanie Hoffmeyer
Stephanie is a coach, a friend, and an aunt. She is the master of her fate, she is the captain of her soul.

michelle3.jpg  Michelle Lynn
Michelle is a creator, a listener, and a mother. She loves people, but doesn’t always get them.

IMG_4171  Michaela Ortega
Michaela is an athlete, a lover, and a sister. She is in constant pursuit to understand the world around her.

Emmitt 1  Emmitt Dei Richards
Emmitt is a coach, a thinker, and a son. He is interested in seeking new information in and of the moment.

10171656_10205334343507814_5497377102183911726_n  Kelsey Schuttie
Kelsey is a coach, an entrepreneur, and a mother. She wants to make a positive impact on lives through actions.

IMG_2615  Scott Todnem
Scott is a teacher, a coach, and a father. He is always creating and editing, recreating and reediting.

Profile  James Toland
James is a coach, a teacher, and a husband. He is a freelance writer and regularly reviews fitness products.

Guest Bloggers:

Ranger  Brandon Amerine: Daily Happiness

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IMG_1199  Craig McKenna: Pain and Relief, Bundled

Screenshot_2015-10-19-15-09-35  Raylina Robinson: It’s Never Too Late to Dream

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