Ask for Help

The Last/Next Time
Teaching blog shorts to get you thinking.

The Last Time
When was the last time you asked for help from your students?
Reflect on the week, the month, or the school year. When can you recall asking for help at school? Whether it be from one individual or a group of students, when have you put yourself in a vulnerable position, or at least conceded that you needed assistance with a task?

The Next Time
Take advantage of the next time you can involve others in your life.
Teachers cannot do it all. Especially alone. Often, students feel connected when they can help with classroom tasks. Maybe it’s an errand, maybe it’s during a class activity, or maybe it’s something much more in-depth in the educational experience. Whatever the case may be, minor or major in scope, see worth in the next time you can ask for help. It isn’t giving in, it’s being human. Build social health with those you teach.


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