That’s Funny

The Last/Next Time
Teaching blog shorts to get you thinking.

The Last Time
When was the last time you used humor to your advantage in the classroom?
When were you most successful in telling a joke to break the ice, or what humor best connected to a recent lesson? Is it a recurring thing— something you always use with that unit? Or was there a spontaneous use of humor that really helped students connect with you and/or a topic?

The Next Time
Take advantage of the next time you can use humor to help connect with students.
Most teachers use humor each and every day in class— multiple times a day at that. It is well-known that students, and people in general, connect in a social setting when sharing a joke or a funny experience. For that upcoming lesson where you have humor planned or the next instance a joke lands well, cement that connection by immediately following up with a key concept. That opening in the minutes to follow is a sweet spot for learning. Link the current topic to best embed your point.

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